Roadside Nature Reserves

Houghton Regis Cutting

Roadside Nature Reserves (RNRs) have been selected at sites where it is desirable and possible to protect and manage important wildlife interest. Sites where road safety would be prejudiced by nature conservation management would not normally be selected.

Wildlife interest would normally be expected to meet one of more of the following criteria:

  • Within or adjacent to a nationally important wildlife site (SSSI)
  • All or part of a County Wildlife Site or meeting the criteria for CWS status
  • Supporting species that are rare or protected

35 RNRs have been recognized across Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire. (There aren't any in Luton Borough). The list of sites was maintained by Bedfordshire County Council but this ceased to exist in 2009. Responsibility now lies with the respective unitary authorities.

The locations of these RNRs can be viewed as a Google Earth overlay. The boundaries shown are only very approximate, the actual extent of the sites being marked on the ground by marker posts. Clicking on a site boundary will give the site's name.

Details of the RNRs recognized by the County Council are held at the BRMC. We can report on RNRs as part of our data request service, providing brief citations that include boundary maps.