What the BRMC does

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Our logo, representing flora, fauna
and recording in the form of a quill.

The Biodiversity Recording and Monitoring Centre is the first port of call for biodiversity information within Bedfordshire and Luton. We gather verified species records; map and record habitat data from across the county; and maintain definitive information about sites recognized for their natural value.

Data are stored in databases, GIS layers, reports and photographs and can be searched, filtered and made available to those with a need to know.

For example, we can provide data:

  • In advance of development to allow the needs of wildlife to be considered
  • To those managing nature reserves
  • For educational purposes
  • For scientific research

The primary activities of the BRMC are therefore:

  • Gathering data
  • Checking data quality
  • Integrating data into storage, retrieval and analysis systems
  • Responding to requests for information

We are not seeking to replace any of the existing data-gathering or data-holding societies, organizations or individuals within the county. Rather we will work with them to enable their data to be put to good use in understanding and protecting the county's natural assets.

The BRMC's operations are controlled by a set of policies, so if you have any questions about how confidentially, data quality, data access, charging and so on are handled, please look at our policies.

During its operation the BRMC aims to be:

  • Impartial
  • Non-profit making. Any temporary profit is to be re-invested into the service
  • Non confrontational
  • An information organization, not a conservation organization
  • Steered by the needs for data

We will:

  • Charge a fair fee for the service where appropriate. (Charges are for the provision of service and not for data).
  • Maintain good relations with suppliers of data
  • Share and adopt best practice
  • Work to make information safe, reliable and accessible

Helping Local Authorities

We hold much of the information that Local Authorities require to excercise their statutory duties towards biodiversity, and can also provide services to help with these. These are outlined in this BRMC explanatory leaflet (PDF) and also this nationally-produced guidance (PDF). Please get in touch if you would like to discuss these topics further.

Project Work

As we hold so much biodiversity-related data in one location, with skilled staff and up-to-date GIS technology on hand, we are also able to undertake commissioned project work, combining the information as required and adding value through interpretation.

Map of arable plant scores
Arable plant scoring

Over recent years we have carried out many projects, often in partnership with other local organizations, producing maps and reports for our clients.

A selection of recent projects include:

  • Arable plant scoring
  • Grassland mapping in Bedford Borough
  • Grassland mapping in Central Bedfordshire
  • Green Infrastructure mapping for Bedford Borough, Mid Bedfordshire and South Bedfordshire (now Central Bedfordshire)
  • Hedgerow mapping
  • Historic Environment Record mapping
  • Living Networks - Parish level Green Infrastructure
  • Phase 1 habitat mapping in Luton Borough
  • Rebuilding Biodiversity and Opportunity mapping
  • Site sensitivity mapping
  • Wetland habitats mapping

If you have a project that you think we may be able to assist with, please contact us.

Annual Reports

We are now producing annual reports for the BRMC. These can be accessed here: