Bedscape - A Rural Photo Archive

Knowing the tremendous value of photographs for recording wildlife sites, geological sites and the countryside in general, we developed Bedscape, an archive of rural Bedfordshire, to contain them. At the last count it contained nearly 2400 photographs, but more are being added all the time...

Maulden Wood in Bedscape

It contains an ever-growing database of photographs that can be searched by site, description, date ranges, grid squares and photographers:

Thumbnails in Bedscape

It can also be accessed via a Google Earth layer by clicking on a marker which includes the date and shows the camera direction. The date range selector controls the period of photos presented.

Bedscape in Google Earth

Once they have obtained a user ID, anyone is able to upload photographs, so if you would like to contribute please do register via the Bedscape website. Old photographs are especially welcome as they often show great change.

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