Local Geological Sites

Approximately 15 sites have been recognized as Local Geological Sites (LGS) primarily for their scientific and educational importance, though they may also have considerable aesthetic value, as is the case with the chalk downlands. Current sites include working and disused quarries, ancient stone monuments and major landforms such as chalk downland and lowland river valleys.

The LGS Panel administers the LGS system which is overseen by the Local Sites Partnership. Authorities recognize LGS in a similar way to County Wildlife Sites, taking their value into account as part of the planning process.

The Bedfordshire Geology Group maintains information about Bedfordshire's LGSs, with up-to-date information available on their website HERE.

The BRMC can report on LGS as part of its data request service, providing citations that include boundary maps.

The photo below is of Barton Hills (from Sharpenhoe Clappers) which in addition to being a NNR, SSSI and CWS is also a LGS:

Barton Hills LGS