Data available from the BRMC

Frog eye

We regularly perform ecological data searches for Bedfordshire and Luton, returning data on:

Sites: Statutory and non-statutory:

We can provide site descriptions, maps, species lists and GIS boundaries subject to Ordnance Survey licencing restrictions.


Some of our species records have been uploaded to the NBN Atlas where they may be viewed at a resolution agreed with our data providers. To obtain full details of the records in most of these datasets it is necessary to approach us for a data search.

The species links above take you either to the metadata describing the data held. These will help in deciding if you wish to approach us for full details of records they contain. As we receive additional records throughout the year it is likely that we will also hold more recent records than indicated by the most recent metadata. These data will also be included in any data search.

Other Information:

As we are talking to local groups, societies and individuals about access to other datasets, the above list may not be comprehensive, so please enquire about anything you don't see listed. For example, we are also building inventories of UK BAP Priority Habitats and hold other habitat data which may be of interest to you.