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Welcome to Bedscape, the photographic archive of Bedfordshire's rural landscape.

Take at look at these two photos of Old Warden Tunnel nature reserve...

1970s image of Old Warden Tunnel ©Unknown 2007 image of Old Warden Tunnel ©Keith Balmer. 1st May 2007

Unfortunately the date of the older photograph is unknown, but it is probably from the mid 1970s. These illustrate the encroachment of scrub into the grassland that occurred over the decades.

The objective of Bedscape is to gather together photos of Bedfordshire countryside into one place, to allow such changes to be discerned, and provide a reference set of photos for future comparison. These will be an invaluable resource for our local wildlife conservation organizations as well as a repository of interest to all.

Photos in Bedscape are located in both place and time and can be searched to bring related images together for comparison. To begin a search of the archive press the button below...

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