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Bedscape is operated by the

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c/o The Wildlife Trust
Priory Country Park Visitor Centre
Barkers Lane
MK41 9SH

Phone: (01234) 355435

General email: The BRMC

Register by email: REGISTER

Everyone is invited to contribute photos of rural Bedfordshire.

Initially we are particularly keen to acquire photographs from the 20th century, as these irreplaceable historical photographs are of great importance in showing how the countryside has changed (or remained the same) and are mostly languishing unseen in albums and shoe-boxes, fading away and in time destined to be thrown out!

We are particularly interested in photographs that:

  • Show details of Nature Reserves, County Wildlife Sites and Sites of Special Scientific Interest to inform their management
  • Show how land use has changed.
  • Cover decades not already in the archive.

In order to be able to enter a photograph into Bedscape you will have to say:

  • Where it was taken from.
  • What direction the camera was facing.
  • The year when it was taken (and ideally month and day), or range of likely years if unsure.
  • A concise but detailed description of the scene. (Descriptions can be searched to locate particular subjects).
  • Who took the photograph.
  • Who owns the copyright.

The easiest and most efficient way to contribute is to upload images yourself from your own computer. You can see how easy this is by playing with the demo HERE.

Once you have registered and received your username and password you can log in and use the upload facility. Contact the BRMC (details on the left) to register. (An online registration mechanism is in the pipeline...).

If you'd rather supply images on a CD/DVD, then a simple spreadsheet for supplying all the required information can be downloaded HERE. (Each image must be referenced in some way to the information in the spreadsheet, so give each image a reference number and include this in the spreadsheet).

Please do not send images by email unless by prior agreement as we don't have the bandwidth or mailbox capacity to cope, and it isn't an efficient way for us to process images.

Please note that we cannot yet cope with transparencies. (We don't have a scanner!).

Terms and conditions are below...

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All material in Bedscape is copyright and may not be reproduced without permission.
Some photographs within Bedscape are of private land, photographed with permission. No rights of access are implied or granted.