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UPLOAD DEMO - This is how photo details are supplied. Have a play, you can't do any harm...!

1. On the map below drag the picture icon to the place shown in the CENTRE of the photograph.
(You can also use the 'Get Picture Icon' button to move it to the centre of the map).
2. On the map below drag the camera icon to where the photograph was taken FROM.
(You can also use the 'Get Camera Icon' button to move it to the centre of the map).

3. Complete the remaining details about the picture, then press the Submit button at the bottom


Locational information: (Taken from the map above)
Location of the camera:
Gridref: Longitude: Latitude:
Location of the subject at the centre of the picture:
Gridref: Longitude: Latitude:
Bearing from the camera to the subject (relative to the OS grid):

Location of the main subject of the photograph:

If the main subject of the photograph is listed above as a "Site -" then select it, otherwise select the "Area around" the town/village nearest to the centre of the photograph.

(Site status (at least for a portion of the site): CWS=County Wildlife Site; LNR=Local Nature Reserve;
 NNR=National Nature Reserve; RIGS=Regionally Important Geological Site;
 RNR=Roadside Nature Reserve; SSSI=Site of Special Scientific Interest)

Is this a fixed-point photo?:

(A fixed-point photo is one of a sequence taken from the same location and with the same bearing over multiple years. If unsure, select "No".)

Date photo taken:

Date accuracy:
Year(s) (4-digits): - (If year is unknown, enter a likely range of years)

Description of what the photograph shows:

Be concise but detailed, maybe just entering keywords. This field can be searched to find photos of particular subjects.
A minimum of three words are required. 126 characters maximum.

Who took the photograph?:

Who owns the copyright?:

Leave blank if same as photographer. You must have permission from the copyright owner to publish in Bedscape

Check and Submit:
Once you are happy with the above details about the image, and with the Terms and Conditions, the photograph can be submitted into Bedscape by pressing the button below.

  <-- Try it - don't worry, this demo will not actually submit anything!

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