Charges for Data Searches

Commercial Clients

Early Purple Orchid

The BRMC will normally charge commercial clients for a data search. Such clients include commercial bodies, consultants, non-supporting bodies and those undertaking sponsored research (e.g. university research sponsored by a client).

From 1st April 2019, our fees have increased slightly. Our fees were last updated in 2015, and our operating costs have increased over this time. We have also improved the data search outputs during this time to include a species summary sheet for ease of interpretation.

Example costs for a standard data search (see Example Data Search for what will be provided) are:

Area (km2) Charge
12.55 (2km radius circle)   £120 + VAT
20 £132 + VAT
28.25 (3km radius circle) £168 + VAT
30 £176 + VAT

We will happily quote for larger areas or customized requirements.

The minimum charge for a request is £120 + VAT.

We do not charge for the data themselves, but to recover the costs of providing the service.

Payment will normally be requested by invoice.

Non-commercial Clients

Charges will normally be waived for bona fide non-commercial users who will use the data for non-commercial purposes. These include non-sponsored researchers, teachers and students; members of the public; charitable or voluntary nature conservation organizations and natural history societies. Our policies however reserve the right to charge if, for example, excessive resources are required to complete a request.

BRMC Supporters

Organizations or individuals who support the BRMC financially, by data supply, or in kind, will be entitled to services agreed on an individual basis