Biodiversity Action Plan

In 1992 the UK signed the Convention on Biological Diversity. Under this law countries must conserve biodiversity, the variety of life, within their borders. They must also write and implement action plans for biodiversity conservation. In 1994 the UK therefore launched an action plan for 381 species and 45 habitats. Much of the work needed to be done locally, so about 185 local Biodiversity Action Plans (BAPs) were created. These plans address national priority habitats and species that occur locally, and often deal with other habitats and species as well.

Since 2001 the Bedfordshire and Luton Wildlife Working Group has been developing and maintaining the individual plans for species and habitats as part of this county's Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP). The current plans are all available below as PDF documents.

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Species Action Plans

Habitat Action Plans

(The above links are to the current Habitat Action Plans. If you wish to read previous versions they can be accessed HERE).

Other BAP-related Documents